Best Restaurants To Try When Touring Sydney

When you look atfood guides and magazines in Sydney, you will often see restaurants getting recognised for their remarkable work by being awarded with one, two or three hats. This is like a star-rating scheme and a restaurant with even one is considered to be worthy of praise. If a restaurant gets three hats, it is definitely a dining place you should visit when you tour Sydney. Food is one of the remarkable experiences you can have when travelling. On that note, you can have a great dining experience and enjoy incredible cuisines in the following top restaurants that were awarded three hats. Why not use bus charter in Sydney for the most convenient and affordable way to cruise the city, and enjoy a chance to share an amazing dining and travelling experience with your travel group?

The Bridge Room

Ranked as the 84th best restaurant in the world, you can be sure to have an amazing dining experience at The Bridge Room. Its elegant menu features a diverse selection of the best contemporary Australian dishes. Moreover, it has a list of over 1000 wines. If you love taking and sampling wine, this haven definitely has something more to offer. Its solid oak tables will give you a warm feeling when dining. The aesthetic ambience coupled with highly professional service will give you a bang for your buck.


On your way to Sydney, you will come across this lovely restaurant. Whether you are taking a cab, shuttle or driving personally, ensure you stop by Quay restaurant. First, it offers great dishes for a richer experience. Secondly, its sweeping views from the Sydney Harbor Bridge to Sydney Opera House allow you to enjoy an amazing sight while dining. Here, you will get the chance to taste original cuisine where pure flavor, texture and balance are achieved in the most professional way when preparing delicacies. This lovely restaurant is not only covered in elegance and beauty but also with praises of people who have had a chance to dine.


Opened back in the year 2009, Sepia has rose to popularity over the last decade with its 5-course testing menu and 9 course tasting menu that are offered on different occasions. The cuisine is not just smoky, it is perfectly scented, crunchy, floral, soft, earthy and toasty. It is the perfect choice to cheer you up during your Sydney tour. The renowned chefs for Sepia focus on both contrast and texture and draw inspiration from Japan to make the best delicacies. After enjoying a great cuisine, you can top it all with the best wine from Sepia’s extensive wine list.

Eleven Bridge

Eleven Bridge is known for its inspirational dishes. They offer world-class services in a calming ambience. Eleven Bridge was established by a renowned chef who served at Rockpool Restaurant, which is another three-hat winning diner in Sydney. His rich experience in culinary art and profession has made Eleven Bridge the talk of Sydney.