Best Sweets for When You Are Missing Gelato

That once in a lifetime trip to Italy is a bit of a double-edged sword. While you were able to enjoy the wonderful life in Italy for two short weeks, now your everyday existence seems so bland in comparison. What is more, you feel like you are missing something.

When your voice inside of you is calling out, it is important to pay attention in order to avoid a huge consequence. If your body is calling out, take a listen.

Ah, gelato- of course, your body is craving gelato. There is not much one can do to satisfy a gelato craving, except, of course, begin planning for your next Italy trip.

However, you can redirect that craving into the general sweets category. Once there, you have a number of options to work with, however really only one that takes the cake, so to speak.

Check out Cheryl’s for some of the best sweets around. While it is different from gelato, it certainly will provide you with the best sweets around. You can order cookies, cakes, and all kinds of baked treats. Cheryl’s even delivers right to your door! That way you can stay in and watch Eat, Pray, Love and your other favorite Italy-related movies while you eat all of your favorite sweets.

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Nothing can transport you back to Italy, but satisfying that sweet tooth at home might get you to stop craving gelato, at least for a little while.