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Moving out from a house to another is a tedious task. Consider the bulk of the stuff you want to transport and the boxes left empty after you took out all the things from them. If you are not well-versed with moving and doing this thing just with a kid or your spouse, then, you should be hiring a moving and storage company to do the dirty job.

After you have opened the boxes and placed all the things in their proper places, the next step is to think where the empty boxes will go. It’s a good thing if you got a garage that can accommodate your empty carton containers; but what if there is not enough space for them? Here are some wise ideas that you can use.

Store for future use

Fold the boxes in such a way they do not eat too much space in the garage or storage area. You may be able to see them helpful in the coming months or so. You may utilize them during kids’ parties to make a cardboard playhouse or even create seasonal costumes.

Use as storage containers

There are some things that you seldom use but become handy at times. Paint the edges to label them according to categories.

Use them as organizers

The attic or the kids’ rooms are perfect for stock boxes. Transform an untidy room into an organized one by making shoe cabinets, toy display boxes, or just about anything that can hold small objects.

Make them smaller

Make smaller boxes out of the big ones for gift giving purposes. If you are into a small homebased cottage industry like basket making or quilt making, these cardboard materials perfectly fit the task.

Create new images for your flower or plant pots

Flower pots are so traditional looking. You can add more life by painting cardboard boxes and placing he pots inside them. This could be a new conversational piece when your friends drop by for tea.

Give some

Some friends must be moving out so these boxes could find a way to help them in the process. You will be surprised if a friend sends you a bottle of wine after settling in a new home.

Sell some

If you think there is nothing that you can do with the boxes anymore, sell them. This gives you a chance of getting back some of the funds you shelled out just before moving. You can get something in return out of things that you never thought of helping you get something back, right? Online sites can give you a good deal for these boxes most especially if they are still in good condition.


If you are not good with the other ideas mentioned above, give them away so others can use them. Each town has its own schedule to pick up trash or unwanted things for recycling. This makes you even helpful towards your environment.

Call your movers

The moving and storage company who served you in your relocation can also do other things for you like taking care of items you don’t need anymore. They can pick the boxes as scheduled so you don’t need to worry about stacking them somewhere.

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