How To Make Sure Every Guest Is On Time On Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding needs time and effort to ensure that everything is just perfect before the big day. The biggest part of a wedding is to ensure that all guests are taken care of and they are comfortable as they join in the celebration of your union. Every wedding planner understands the importance of keeping time on the D day to ensure everything goes as planned. It’s one thing to invite guests and it’s another to ensure they arrive on time for the ceremony. What preparations can you put in place to ensure your guests get to the wedding on time?

Send Invitations Early

It is easy to get caught up in wedding preparations that sometimes sending invitations to the guests is left at the backburner. It is advisable to start sending invitation cards to your guests as soon as you set the wedding date to make sure everyone gets enough time to make necessary changes in their schedules.

You can start sending invitations to guests who will travel from far and then finish with those who are near you. Make it clear about the time they are supposed to arrive so that everyone can settle in on time. To be safe, plan for the guests to arrive an hour or two earlier so that by the time the ceremony starts everyone will be ready.

Plan For Transportation

Find out how many guests have their own means to get to the wedding venue and how many need public transportation. You can organize for transportation to guests who don’t have cars by hiring a wedding bus to ferry them to and from the wedding venue. Get the correct number of guests who will be using the bus to make sure you hire the right bus capacity that will comfortably accommodate them. If your wedding reception is in a different location, you can use the bus hire services to get guests there in time to avoid any delays.

Give Gift Baskets

To motivate your guest to get at the wedding in time, inform them that there will be gift baskets at the entrance for everyone. Giving gift baskets to your guests shows them that you have them in mind and it is a kind gesture to show them that you appreciate their presence.


As mentioned earlier, you can have your guest arrive an hour early before the main ceremony to ensure everyone settles in on time. However, to avoid making your guests feel bored as they wait, you can plan for entertainment for guests to enjoy as they wait. Get a DJ to play music while guests find their seats. The time allowance allows guests to find their right seats and interact a little before the ceremony begins.

These are just a few tips on how to ensure your guests arrive at your wedding on time. Most wedding planners agree that when guests arrive late, this affects the flow of the wedding. Every bride and groom wishes to be surrounded by their loved ones during their special day and if guests arrive late, this can dampen the mood of the ceremony – so plan in advance so that this will not happen!