Shopping in Prague

Prague, like the city itself, has a lot of traditional products that will captivate you. This city counts witha very active commercial life. Shopping in Prague is truly a pleasure because of the variety of articles within your reach and for the charm of having a lot of stores spread all over the city.

The bohemian crystal, the porcelain, the jewelry or the traditional wooden toys are some of the products that you will definitely take home. So if you are looking for shopping I recommend you to stay in some boutique hotel in Prague in the city centre because you will be close to many stores.


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The most popular streets to go for shopping

The commercial zone par excellence is located in the Boulevard of the Saint Wenceslao Square –VaclavskeNamesti, in Czech- where you can find some department stores and fashion international franchises along with bars and restaurants. These kinds of shops also extend to the pedestrian street Na Prikope, another popular street to go shopping in the city and where the famous glassware Moseris located, one of the premiere boutiques to acquire delicate crystal pieces. And the 28 Rijna Street that borders the south sideof Mustek, shines with elegance and sophistication and it is where most of the luxury shops of Prague are concentrated.

Where to buy souvenirs?

Just as we mentioned, Prague is a touristic city, so it is very easy to find the typical souvenirs and others articles that are usefulto make us remember our visit in the city. Most of the souvenir stores are concentrated in the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge. But if you are looking for something less conventional in the Stare Mesto market you will find it. In this market you will find more authentic and handmade souvenirs, for example: decorated beer mugs, paintings, Czech sweets or even herb liqueur, produced in Karlovy Varywhereyou can find liqueur of Praguein any store.


Also in Prague, you will see a lot of bohemian bookstores located in the touristic area. Although it is not a place to buy (sincemost of the books are edited in Czech and German and very few in English and French), they are a really good option to get lost for a while and to find ancient books and music CD’s. Moreover, some of them have cafes inside so you can drinksomething while you are enjoying the place and browsing some book of your interest.

Chic and vintage

If you like the vintage style, you must visit the antique store called MalostranskéStarozitnictví, Nerudova 51 (MaláStrana). You can find real silver jewelry (silver brooch, earrings, rings) from 19thand 20thcenturies at a very reasonable price (for example: a silver brooch from 19thcentury maycost up to 25 euros). Also, you can find vintage clothing stores. For example in Vladislavova Street there isa store called Quasimodo Vintage Fashion where you find clothes at an average price of 30€ and 50€.