Most of us would like to travel. We want to experience different cultures. However, only few people have the guts to travel. Perhaps, people think that it’s not practical and it’s too expensive. I guess if you don’t know the tricks, you will have to spend a lot of your savings for a single travel. But don’t worry, I think my short post can help you. Here are some of the tricks you can do if you want to travel in budget.

  1. Book your travel online. I used to have my travel booked in actual travel agencies. Believe me, the prices are steep. So I decided to book my travel plans using the internet. To my surprise, most of the deals online are so reasonable. You can even get discounts, most especially if you will book months before your travel date.
  2. You can also take advantage of the coupons for theme parks, room escape games and zoos. It is a must that you visit different theme parks. By doing so, you can experience different thrills and excitements.
  3. Know how much money you have. It is very important to know how much money you will be carrying for the trip. From there, you can easily break it down to the essentials. Make sure that you will allot budget for food, transportation, gifts, and for emergency purposes.
  4. Keep your credit card for EMERGENCY. Be very disciplined in using your credit card. A good Gucci and Prada bag isn’t considered emergency. This should be saved in case you encounter accidents or you lost your wallet and other travel documents.
  5. List down the people you are mandated to give travel presents. For you to be able to stick to your budget, it is very important that you write down the people who are worthy for your presents. Stick to that list and I’m sure that you won’t go overboard. Simple gifts will do. Key chains are considered a staple travel gift. You can also get mugs, local arts and even food. I’m sure that your friends and relatives would appreciate those. “It’s the thought that counts.” Remember that.
  6. Eat in local eateries. I must admit, it can be very tempting to eat at a fancy restaurant while you are on vacation. I don’t have to tell you that fancy foods have high price tags. Plus, most extravagant restaurants tend to westernize their foods. They have adapted other cuisines to suit the taste of different travelers. That means, you won’t be able to taste their REAL food. It is suggested that you eat in local eateries. These are found in night markets and places that are not marketed for tourists. It’s cheaper and you can genuinely taste their local food.

For your vacation, you better use my 5 tips. I’m sure that you will be able to make the most out of your trip without breaking the banks.